Becoming An Administrator

What do I need to become a training administrator for my company's Saf-T-Pak training?

  1. You will need a Saf-T-Pak training platform account. This account will grant you access to the application, allowing you to become a student and/or administrator.
  2. You will need your company's or department's Order Number. If you are looking to administer multiple purchases you will need each order number corresponding to those seperate purchases.
  3. An Admin Product Key. Anytime you purchase one or more Course Product Keys from us they will be attached to a Order Number and Admin Product Key. You must have both the Order Number and the Admin Product Key. If you have lost or were never given the Order Number and Admin Product Key, we will resend them to the original email included in the purchase. For security reasons we will not supply you with both an Admin Product Key and the corresponing Order Number over the phone or via email. 

Once you have a Saf-T-Pak Training Platform account, an Admin Product Key and an Order Number you have all the ingredients required to start administering a course.


What does a training administrator do?

The typical training administrator has three key jobs. 

  • First, they may configure course settings to meet their training requirements. This includes setting a minimum pass score, determining progress notifications, deciding if administrator supervision is required to start a final exam, and selecting the required set of chapters for a course.
  • Second, they assign product keys to students/employees and track employee training progress. 
  • Third, once employees have completed the training, the administrator will sign the employees certificate of completion.


    Who should be a training administrator?

    The answer to this question mostly depends on your company and its needs. Companies with varying organizational structures will find different methods may work better or worse for them. If you are unsure about your companies current administration configuration in our system, or you would like us to suggest a configuration that may work best for your company we are happy to help. The majority of companies will require only one Primary Administrator per course.