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Shipping Lithium Battery and Lithium-Ion Batteries and Battery-Powered Devices (UN3480, UN3481, UN3090, UN3901) Online Training Course

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This competency-based training provides the chapters and training material needed to safely package and transport Lithium-Ion Batteries and Battery-Powered Devices certification course. This training follows IATA and governmental regulations ensuring the student is aware and understands how to classify, package, label and transport Class 9 Hazardous Materials. This course meets the General Awareness/Function Specific training requirement under Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) for the transportation of Dangerous Goods (US DOT/PHMSA Hazardous Material Regulation CFR 49, 172.704).

Specifically, this program delivers the essential information required to correctly Lithium-Ion Batteries and Battery-Powered Devices domestically and internationally.  This includes general information on Lithium-Ion Batteries and Battery-Powered Devices.

Training Specifications:

  • Provide General Awareness Training as required by the US DOT in 172.704. 
  • Understand the CFR 49 sections for hazmat packaging/shipping requirements and your responsibilities.
  • Properly classify/identify Lithium-Ion Batteries and Battery-Powered Devices (PG I, II, III) materials and hazmat table usage to include Safety Data Sheets Transportation section 14.
  • Properly select the correct UN specification packages for shipments.
  • Properly mark/label UN packages.
  • Correctly annotate/complete required shipping documents.
  • Understand required emergency response information required for shipping documents.
  • Understand required Security Awareness training.
  • Safety training OSHA HazComm Right-To-Know.  (CFR 29, 1910-1200)


Training Chapters Includes:

  • Introduction to Lithium-Ion Batteries and Battery-Powered Devices
  • General Awareness
  • Classification
  • Packaging, Marking & Labeling
  • Documentation
  • Security Awareness / Safety
  • Function Specific Training


Customized Test and Certificate:

After successfully completing each chapter test and training, the student may print their Certificate of Training as their record of training.

Internet Training Highlights:

  • Valid throughout a 12-month cycle (from date of purchase)
  • Automatic Updates

Training is presented in accordance with IATA/ICAO, 49 CFR and TDG. Course objectives are for students to be able to apply the Dangerous Goods regulations properly, understand their responsibilities, know both visible and hidden hazards, know the proper Shipping Names required, know the value of using a checklist and how to properly pack, mark, label and document shipments of Class 9