Admin Made Easy!

Free with Purchase

 Managing your employee’s online training progress can be difficult without the right tools. We applied the lessons we’ve learned from more than 20 years of compliance training leadership and designed our learning platform to focus specifically on your needs - combining quality, design and excellent training management tools.

Online training features:

Improved Key Code Distribution

  • Assign product keys to individual users via their email address
  • Product keys can be assigned to users before they have a Training For One™ account
  • Users who already have a training account can have course applied to their account automatically by their admin
  • Fast, efficient and simple to use

Cloud Storage

  • Maintain years of training history, securely stored in the cloud
  • Past and current training courses can be viewed more conveniently than ever

Product Keys

  • All current and future product keys purchased by your company or department can be added to your administrator account
  • Manage multiple courses independently with their corresponding product keys

Tracking Progress

  • Track the progress of each student
  • Assign designated users the right to track the progress of other students
  • Access past student history for any course, no need to panic if you can't find the students original paper certificate

Managing Scores

  • Control minimum examination pass scores
  • If you would like to impose a higher minimum pass score than Saf-T-Pak uses by default, you can

Administrations are transferrable

  • We are able to transfer the administrator application to another user for whatever reason
  • We take privacy seriously and will verify the validity of all transfer requests


Our customers have long appreciated the support we provide to training administrators. Now all our customers can appreciate this same level of support, as we can now offer the administration application at no additional charge! That’s right - FREE!!