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Shipping Category B Biological Substance and Related Materials (UN3373) Private Training Webinar

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This is the same great course that we offer for our standard online training, but includes a live webinar specifically for your organization. If you purchase this course, our training coordinator will reach out to you and schedule your live webinar at a time that will work for your organization (subject to trainer availability). 

Training Chapters include:

  •  General Familiarization
  •  Overview of Dangerous Goods Shipping
  •  Classification
  •  Exempt Patient Specimens
  •  Category B Infectious Substances (UN 3373)
  •  Dry Ice (UN 1845)
  •  Preservatives with Infectious Substances

    Customized Test and Certificate

    After successfully complete each chapter test and training, the student may print their certificate of training as their record of training.

    Training Based on International and Local Regulations

    Our Internet Training trains you for your global location. While the training is primarily based on the international regulations developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and adopted by IATA, Saf-T-Pak provides references to country or region-specific regulations that may be important to you.

    Internet Training Highlights

    • Earn ASCLS P.A.C.E CEUs
    • Valid throughout a 12 month cycle (from date of purchase)
    • Automatic Updates

    Training is presented in accordance with IATA/ICAO, 49 CFR and TDG. Course objectives are for students to be able to apply the Dangerous Goods regulations properly, understand their responsibilities, know both visible and hidden hazards, know the proper Shipping Names required, know the value of using a checklist and how to properly pack, mark, label and document shipments of Class 6, Division 2 material.

    This Division 6.2 Shipping compliance training meets the regulatory requirements for any sized facility or staff. No matter how large or small, Saf-T-Pak has delivered Division 6.2 training to every type of organization, including:

    • Governments
    • Community Hospitals
    • Clinical Research Organizations
    • Medical, Dental and Veterinary Practices
    • University and Medical Research Centers
    • CLIA Labs
    • Physician's offices participating in Clinical Trials

    Not valid in the United Kingdom.


    • Each purchase comes with 1 Administrative Product Key for the use of administering the purchased Course Product Keys (Students).
    • A pack of keys can be sold in sizes up to 30.

    If you're facility handles, send or receives Category A (UN 2900 or UN 2814) infectious substances, please enroll in our SHIPPING INFECTIOUS SUBSTANCES AND RELATED MATERIALS (PRIVATE TRAINING WEBINAR)

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